Discuss the circumstances you may have with the supervisor.He must first learn about your decision.If your decision to leave was somehow related to the differences with him, perhaps, such a conversation could råshit your problem.
Contact the department postgraduate university or research institute, where you number of graduate students.Explain the situation and the reason for your departure.If you are experiencing temporary difficulties, such as in the family, or finances, you can take a sabbatical for a year.To do this,
take the Staff to the appropriate form and fill it.After that it may need reassurance of your application an employee of administration or management, as well as in the scientific adviser.Do not forget to make a change in your personal plan of graduate students, it can be done at the academic council sëåduyuschem your chair.
If the reasons for your departure more serious, and you have taken the final decision, fill out an application to the department of graduate studies.It enter his surname, name and patronymic, date of birth, date of admission to postgraduate studies, the reasons for his departure.After this statement to reassure the rector's office, if necessary.After the release of the order of dismissal, you officially cease to be a graduate student.
Visit the accounting institute.If you are a graduate student, passed in place, funded budget, you must fill out the necessary papers that you will no longer receive a scholarship to an expulsion.Also, you may be required to pass a bank card, for which this scholarship was accrued in the event that the card you gave university.
If you are trained in graduate school for a fee, terminate the contract for the provision of paid educational services.If you have already paid tuition for the current year, specify, whether you return part of the sum.