Grammar - an important aspect of teaching the Russian language.On the basis of the laws of grammatical words are built in phrases and sentences, so that it becomes meaningful.According to KDUshinskogo Grammar is the logic of language, becauseeach form is inherent in any system of general znacheniya.Grammatichesky assimilated in childhood, when the child is alone, imitating the adults trying to say phrases, sentences.In a lively speech children see constant values ​​of grammatical elements, morphemes, so that they form
ed a common way of relationships in meaningful elements in words.This process develops in a child similar mechanism, which is the basis for the linguistic flair, includingflair to the grammatical structure yazyka.Postepennoe mastery of grammatical structure of language is due to age-related laws, as well as a complex grammatical system of the Russian language, in particular morphological.Russian language contains many exceptions to the general rules that must be remembered.It is noted that an intensive process of mastering the grammatical structure is a 5 year life;at this time the child tries to talk common proposals, it grows and expands active vocabulary spheres.Therefore, knowledge of grammar is necessary to quality for the complete mastery of the language, becauseignoring the general rules can lead to misunderstandings or uslyshannogo.Takim said, the grammar has a large abstracts the power, the ability to typify linguistic phenomena, but is distracted by the specific meanings of words and sentences.With the development of grammar in humans simultaneously formed and thinking, develops speech and mind, corrected grammar.And it is one of the principal values ​​of the science of language.