Start essay to entry.It write about why you chose this topic for the composition.You can also start the creative work with the thesis that the Pope - is your most loyal friend and comrade.If you are familiar with an interesting poem or statement about the pope , use it as an epigraph to the composition.
main part of the work is divided into several parts (paragraphs).Start with a description of the main part of the exterior of the pope.Write about what his eyes (color expression), what kind of hair, the shape of the nose, chin, etc.You can tell how changing face Dad when he is sad or glad, thinks or angry.
Describe the figure of the Pope.If he has the athletic build, then write about it.It is worth mentioning that you also aspire to have a good, tightened figure and therefore the exercise together with the Pope.Write also about how the growth of your daddy.
The following paragraphs describe the habits and passions of his father.If he is interested in sports, a sports category or just loves the weekends to ski or skate, play football or tennis, report it in the book.If your dad likes to play chess or checkers, you arrange them with real tournaments, this remark will be an important addition to your work.Write also about what books he likes to read, what music to listen.If Dad likes to watch movies, then tell what genre it the most interesting and what actors are like.
Note in the book helps to your father homework, wondered whether your school life.
recall and describe some the most significant (in your opinion) the case that would have opened the positive side of Pope traits: courage, responsibility, self-control, the ability to keep the word, kindness, etc..
Finally, write about your relationship to the Pope : that you love and respect, they are proud of and want to be like him.