Therefore, we must learn how to pass exams, not ready for them.But honestly, if you do not qualify, you will have to rely purely on their luck.You're not a complete block, something so you know.Come to the exam as they are, pull out the desired ticket and "pour water", if necessary.If the ticket is unsuccessful, pull the matter to the subject on which you speak.Of course, there are teachers who will bite you for sure, but most of the students listen with half an ear and unlikely to stop you if you do not to leave in their arguments.The risk, of course, great, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Another way for those who have already managed to acquire phones, smart phones or other similar
devices - those that have a touchscreen display.You do not need to press the buttons that are often clicked.Set yourself online and chat during the exam rummage in the vast World Wide Web.But in any case do not "heat of the moment" and then instantly fly out into the corridor to mulligan.
other methods exams require some preparation.For example, spurs and "bombs" (sheets with ready answers that you need to get it out of the bag directly at the exam and pretend that you wrote it just now).To make them really need to shovel a lot of books, or at least a case to answer on the Internet, copy the text in the document and make a microscopic font, breaking text into columns.We need to have time to cut the Spurs, put them in his pockets, boots, and other containers.Files that you can read from your phone - and they require work: because they still need to find.
As you can see, all methods that do not require practicing the material that does not require work on the subject is quite risky and threaten you in complete failure.It will be a pity if, using all the tricks and techniques, you still do not give up.The surest way to pass the exam - it learned the material.No adrenaline, calm reasoning, a complete response, and "excellent" in the record book.Needless to excel and to deceive the teacher and yourself, if you can think a little head?Of course, you need to give some of your time, but you for this and came to the university - for the knowledge that will help you in the future.