you need
  • - a summary of the lesson;
  • - video;
  • - soft ball;
  • - literature about the lessons with their children.
Carefully read the specialized literature in the age characteristics of children with whom you work with.Pay attention to the proposed forms of conducting lessons.Each age brings its own particular focus, thinking, information.From this we must make a start when deciding how to start the first lesson.
younger students are the most unpretentious, but at the same time, it is difficult to hold the audience's attention.Begin the lesson with them the best with the procedures dating.Spend it in the framework of small game.For example, a good fit, "Snowball".So you will learn how to name
your beneficiaries and they will get acquainted with each other.
Remember that kids are shy at first.To relieve the stress, take a soft ball and offer start dating.Introduce them to tell that really want to know their names by using the magic ball, which is in your hands.Say that the one who catches the ball has to give his name out loud.And throw it back to you.You, on the other hand, repeat the child's name and tell you nice to meet him.
The middle school is already more adult students.With them it is better to behave seriously and to start the first lesson we can chat and dating.You can also show a film on the subject, to consolidate the covered material.If you want to find out what their level of knowledge of the subject, conduct a small test or woven into the fabric of the necessary questions first conversation.
High School will know in advance about the new teacher.They have already informed your name and surname, but will not introduce unnecessary.Start the first lesson at the high school with the best of contemporary jokes about your subject or a small interesting stories that happened to you or someone else.At the same time, focuses attention on an adequate relationship with your side to the subject taught.