young people who by temperament and character thoughts gravitate to the literature, we can recommend the training Lyceum.ASPushkin.This school with tradition and a special way of life.The teaching staff is trying not only to knowledge of future philologists, but also to instill in them a special relationship to the culture, society.There are frequent literary evenings, music lounges, arrange even balls.
Those who wish to learn foreign languages, it makes sense to pay attention to the language school British Bridge, which will soon celebrate its tenth anniversary.The school has excellent relations with foreign teachers who come to read in the Brya
nsk and successful students are invited to take a language course with a dip in the environment of native speakers.The school is very creative, are welcome different forms of self-organization of students, organized flash mobs and others.
ended 9 classes of high school can enroll in one of the colleges of Bryansk.Nurses trained at the medical college, technical experts - in technical engineering and road transport for athletes eat Bryansk college of physical education and sport, one of the oldest in the region.
most prestigious in the city of institutions of higher education are: BGTU (Bryansk State Technical University), BSU (Bryansk State University), BGITA (Bryansk State Engineering and Technological Academy).It's higher educational institutions, which for decades occupied the leading place in the ranking of the best universities in Bryansk.

marketing, accounting, economics, public relations, energy, management, engineering and many other professions present in the educational system of the university.
Technical University - BSTU - is considered a multi-institution.Unlike many universities it includes in its membership not only faculty but entire institutions, ie,training on a specially organized in the complex "theory - practice".Today there are 7 institutions: 5 technical, one economic, one management.Recruitment of students and leading FOBOP - Department of learning on the job.