Learn OBZH in some regions of the country only in the senior classes, in other - in the middle and high school, as well as some children get knowledge on the lessons of the world in the early grades.It is said that in high school classes are conducted separately for boys and girls: boys are taught the basics of military service, which is important in connection with the reduction of the term of military service, and girls - in-depth knowledge of medicine, in particular reproductive health, etc.Thematically, the entire course of the foundations of life safety is divided into several main sections.
first section includes knowledge and skills Conduct
on the Safety and Protection in different emergencies and dangerous situations.These are the rules of behavior in fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes and other natural and man-made disasters.And it is considered important not only to give knowledge about the rules of behavior in such situations and form the basic skills, but to instill a culture of safety, and to know how to avoid such situations.For example, many devices do not include a single outlet, which is not intended for it, etc.Also, this section includes the knowledge of the behavior on the roads.The fact that it is not necessary to enter the elevator with strangers and take them into the car, as they say, not only parents, but also teachers OBZH.
OBZH next section - is the foundation of medical knowledge.Here we study the principles of first aid for different occasions.For example, this includes the right to assist in the preparation of heat stroke, drowning, poisoning, getting burns, bleeding, shock, shock, fractures, etc.The basic practical skills received by children, should be: the ability to do chest compressions and CPR, wound bandage, splint, etc.
Also OBZH gives an idea of ​​a healthy lifestyle.This section is very important when there are many temptations of the real world.This includes the study of the problem of child and adult drug abuse, alcoholism, promiscuity.Here we study the proper nutrition, hardening, good sport, literate daily routine, relations with the opposite sex, etc.
Another important area of ​​study - a complex of modern security challenges of society.Basically, here rises the theme of terrorism: how to behave when detecting suspicious objects, what to do in case of capture, how to escape the threat of explosion, etc.The study of global social problems (pollution, sustainable use of the gifts of the oceans, the preservation of cultural heritage, prevention of ethnic conflicts, etc.) are also included in this section.
The course "Fundamentals of Military Service", which is held only for children, includes the study of military regulations, the order of military service, military uniforms and special insignia.Also conducted workshops that form the basic skills needed in the army, for example, a step drill.Of course, the army will go after school, not all students.This knowledge is required mainly for the patriotic education of youth.