you need
  • lyrics, voice recorder.
As in any business, in remembering the text of the technology depends on the type of material that you need to remember.If you teach work , it is either a poem or prose.However, there is still a drama, but it's a different story.Of course, much easier to memorize poetry texts, as they have rhyme and rhythm.First, open a poem and read it several times, carefully pronouncing aloud.So you will be involved just three types of memory: First, you see the text, and secondly, remembers how it should be to say, thirdly, hear what you read.Perhaps a few of these readings of the text have already been laid in your head.
Learn begin by rows.Please remember first, then gradually start to connect with the second.Here's how it will look like the example of the poem MYLermontov: I go out alone on the road;Through the fog flinty path blestit.Noch quiet.The desert harks to God, And star with star govorit.Snachala remember the line "I go out alone on the road."To do this a few times Speak it, and then again, in spite of the text.Similarly, the second row.Then connect the first and second - first read them together, and then repeat both without looking at the text.Then connect the second to the third.Repeat with the second and third, and then the first, second and third together.So gradually you memorize a verse.Just teach the rest of the stanza.
If the study of the proposed technology is you have a long and complicated, you may have a well-developed shape memory.Try to connect the line to teach, with certain images.Imagine a deserted road, fog, flinty path that shines a quiet starry night.Quite possibly, it will help you in remembering.
Try to rewrite the poem several times.Someone such mechanical memory is better developed.By the way, if you think you have learned a poem, too, write to him, but without looking at the text - check yourself.
Perhaps the poem can go to the familiar tune.Try to learn it as a song.And you can still burn it to a tape recorder and listen to a few times - it helps if you have a better developed auditory memory.
If you need to learn a prose text, it must be divided into meaningful parts.Or even not very meaningful.Read the text, and in those places where you intuitively want to stop, put a dash.It is for such pieces, and you will teach.
prose texts necessarily blurts intonation.Easy memorization of text can be effective, but not always.Try to help themselves by gestures.