exam requires more than one hour.Time greatest brain activity at all people different.Someone remembers better in the morning, some in the range between 3-4 hours a day and someone simply sit on the books all night.Define your "active" Watch and proceed to the study in the time allotted.

information enters the brain through the channels of perception, which are also all people are different.By type of perception people are divided into audialov, visuals, and discrete kinestetikov .To determine your style, try to convey information, such as on a dandelion.Audialy begin to describe the flower aloud visuals likely it will draw, kinesthetic talk about their emotions in connection with a flower ("It is soft, petals tickling your skin ..." and so on), and the increment will remember about the medicinal properties (because lookin

g at thingsthe benefits and the possibility of life).

Audialam easier to perceive information at the hearing.An effective method of memorization is pronunciation of topics.Try to read the dry terminology, as if reading the poems: expressive, with some melody.You can use your favorite song - Put the word under the familiar tune and repeat several times.

visual , to clearly remember anything required blueprints.Try to draw the studied subject.Effective method of collage, when a man sticks photos / pictures on the wall and draws links between them.

important kinesthetic sensations.Select exam preparation cozy place, comfortable clothes, etc.It is better if the training will take place somewhere in nature, in a quiet place.Mentally associate important terms with something pleasant.Also kinestetiki rely on mechanical action: to store the record the basic terms and principles.

discrete - good intelligence, they are important.In order to better remember a lot of information, you need to break it into smaller components.Remove unnecessary words from the text, and succeed.

addition to the channel of perception and temporal activity can not write off the overall condition of the body.Do not forget while preparing for exams rest and eat well, include in the diet of vitamins (ascorbic acid, glucose) and walnuts with hazelnuts.

you practice your conversation with the examiner - let someone from the family of older people will test your answers and, if possible, amend.