you need
  • - computer;
  • - internet;
  • - Photo;
  • - personal data.
Go to the question of liability - if the questionnaire was printed out, look carefully at home and at work.If you are sure that it is in the computer, think about the last time you saw her.If you saved the profile on the computer, remember what folder it may lie.
You can also use the search.You'll find a profile if you know the name of the file.In case you have forgotten the name of the file, enter your first and last name or the word "profile".
If you can not find the form in the personal computer, try to find it on the Internet.Look for it in the mail - you can send it to someone.Enter the e-mail, look for the line with search and type in "profile", "resume" or your name
with the initials.Search will display you all the options that are available.Now check each of them, pay attention to the letter attached files word.
Type in a search engine a name and surname.Look closely at the results - likely, you will find your profile.Look at the social network.If your application is "lost" in the social network contact with the leadership of the site and prompt you to do.Ask around friends - you can send them your profile.If the profile was created on the site to search for work, look for it on their website.Perhaps you'll find it in the archive.