Tune in to the fact that if you do not have contacts and connections, then for some time, at least several years, you have to work on a very small salary.But if you are determined, ready to prove himself as a competent expert, then your efforts will be noticed and appreciated.
Start with resume writing and posting it on websites devoted to job search.Study materials in the Internet, which gives advice on how to write a good resume, and which may be of interest of the employer.Look at the websites of law firms located in your town.Most job postings are published in a special section.You are free to write letters to the managing partner of these companies, e
ven if their sites do not have information about job vacancies.
Try to avoid grammatical and spelling errors, making the text of a resume or letter.Demonstrate your ability to properly communicate to lawyer is one of the main skills.Do not exaggerate their advantages and better if you're not going to mention his salary expectations - yet none of you as an expert and your task - to gain valuable experience.
Be prepared for the fact that you may be offered a job , low-skilled - assistant lawyer and even a secretary.If you are satisfied with the company, we advise you to agree.Start small - do what you know: stuffed texts of agreements or letters, try to trim the necessary literature, perform errands.If you have a desire to learn, you'll be doing it even while working as an assistant secretary or lawyer .
You can also try to find a job the authorities.As a rule, because of the low wages there is always a big staff turnover and vacancies in junior positions is always there.Use every opportunity to a year, you could say that you have experience.