you need
  • equipment, utensils, reagents, paper, pen, visual aids, cards with tasks, a summary of the lesson.
it a rule to make the abstract sessions, in preparation for each lesson chemistry .Make a plan that will give the material the children come up with exercises to consolidate, interesting questions on the topic.Zagotovte additional tasks of high complexity, for those children who quickly deal with existing tasks.For myself, in the abstract classes enter the purpose of the activity (what you should explain to the students), as well as educational, educational and developmental goals and then try to stick to them.
think in advance what form will conduct the lesson (lecture, lesson quiz, lesson demonstration, etc.).Prepare appropriate visual aids: posters, portraits of scientists, the necessary reagents (for demonstration experiments, laboratory or practical work), video clips from a collection of modules OMS (educational modular multimedia systems), etc.During classes engage as many students in the class, give them an opportunity to respond, perform a job or experience - to express themselves.Do not forget to check the knowledge their students apply different methods of oral and written controls.
If you during the lesson planned laboratory or practical work is to prepare it in advance the necessary utensils, equipment, reagents.Make a clear instruction: the points shall describe the actions of the students.Before you begin any of the tasks, repeat child safety.Be sure to monitor progress and, if necessary, be amended.