Alphabet - a tool used for certain types of writing.As stated archaeologists and linguists, have become a source of writing-drawings cryptogram.Initially, such images transmit only the meaning of the word, but later people realized that the letter may also transmit the sound of the word.So there were the characters - the next stage in the development of writing.Both ancient and modern characters are composed of two parts - meaning (key) and phonetic.
Later, a more perfect system of recording the words, based only on the sound of the word.The texts became recorded with the help of the alphabet created - a sign system to describe the sounds of the language.Alph
abet was comfortable by the fact that greatly simplifies the teaching writing - it was enough to learn a few dozen letters instead of hundreds or thousands of characters.That is why their alphabet was created by the Phoenicians, who are actively engaged in trade and needed a simple method to keep records.
Most modern languages ​​have a writing system based on the alphabet.There are different types of alphabets.Greek and descended from his alphabets - Latin, English, Russian and others - are made up of signs for and consonants and vowels.There alphabet, which consists only of consonants and vowels may be missing or marked with special signs - "vowels".This recording system used in modern Arabic and Hebrew.There is a third type - syllabic alphabets.They are not a sign indicates the sound and sound combination of vowels and consonants.Two of the alphabet used in the Japanese language along with the characters.
number of letters in the alphabets is very different, and can range from twelve to seventy characters.It is usually associated phonetic and other features of the language.Also letters apart from its inherent mark typically has a name.It may coincide with the pronunciation, or differ from it.