What tender

Taxes on business coming into the coffers of the state and sent them, including to pay for work performed under government orders or goods required for public use.And, as the economy has long ceased to be planned, the cost of these works and goods depends, among other things, on market conditions, ie,it can be quite different.Since saving and rational use of funds allocated from the budget, is the main task of public financial institutions, including businesses wishing to supply the necessary goods or perform certain work, declared the tender.In fact it is a contest where the winner is chosen, the good
s, services or works which have the most optimal ratio of price and quality.

announcement of upcoming tenders customer - municipal or state organization places on a dedicated government procurement site on the Internet and on some other websites.The announcement contains the tender documentation, which lists the requirements imposed to the subject of the auction, the timing of its delivery or performance, the criteria by which the successful bidder will be selected.Participants announced tender must submit their applications by the deadline, if necessary, the application may be accompanied by a bank guarantee or a contract of guarantee as collateral.

What is the tender department in the company

Implementation of state order may not be very profitable in commercial terms, a prestigious job, boosting business image of any company.Therefore, enterprises participating in the tender, even, at times, some underestimate the value of their services, goods and works.To monitor tendering, to have time to apply and participate in, the company employs specialists dedicated to this and even created whole tender department, if the company is large enough and is a regular participant of the bidding.

Professionals working in the bidding departments, monitor Internet portals and specialized websites and marketplaces, where are allocated on ads for the public tendering.They should also review the tender documentation and decide how economically viable the company's participation in a particular tender, and on this basis to make decisions about participation in them.They promptly prepare an application for participation, and all required documents stipulated in the tender documentation as a compulsory application.

The responsibilities of these departments are also included consultation with managers and heads of other departments on the specifics and pricing of our products and the technical part of bids, business correspondence with customers, the timely provision, on request, all necessary information about the conditions of delivery, guarantees, existing certificates.