first determine exactly where you will need to perform.You can not start the preparation of the blue, it was not clear itself, where and why you are going, and immediately hand in drawing up the text or presentation.Will it be a seminar, symposium, Summit, celebration, forum?Hence, you need to come and.Request the host organization a list of requirements that apply to your performance: what you need to convey to the public what features to reveal what the time limit.Prepare the audience will ask you questions, so pre-schedule a dubious place.
When the preliminary stage has already been agreed, proceed to the selection of participants in performances.If you are
the head of the organization, this step is entirely in your hands.If you are a subordinate, and the head only gave you a job to recruit people, you have to comply with certain settings.But in that and in other case, do not let personal sympathies to close your eyes.The fact that a person works well, is not a guarantee that it will successfully serve will be confident on stage before an audience that will not be lost at the right moment.Exhibit need initiative and self-confident, and are chronically fearful to give work to a different order, but is also associated with the project, so they do not feel unnecessary.
now proceed to the text itself self.Focus on the format that is specified events or regulations chosen by yourselves.There could be anything: a presentation with beautiful and original design slides are dry, but the demonstration, rigorous, consistent with the spirit of the meeting circuit, photos of the place where your organization is based - everything in the world, up to the dramatizations and dance numbers.However, when choosing a format is required to consider the performance requirements, which makes the event or risk being left in the cold.
text self Marshall thus to reflect the good traits of their organization to the fullest.Good features, achievements, successes, of course, should be nominated to the fore, but so that your words did not sound boastful.Khvastunov no one likes, even if they talk about their real achievements.Be humble.Also try to accommodate their brightest lines in positions where they are best perceived: the title, the beginning and the end.
Be extremely careful with humor.If you fail to make a joke, something to substitute not only themselves, but also the team as a whole.If you are not sure about his sense of humor, better not tell anyone.Leave a joke to those who have no problem with it (most likely in your team there are such people).If you do leave and performance without humor (though he did not always appropriate - this, too, pay attention), you will lose much less if stunned the audience and his colleagues inappropriate joke.