How to conduct assessment personnel , decides to head.That he gives the task to develop the necessary documents, defines the category of employees to be evaluated.It may be all employees of the company, only the workers, or, on the contrary, only by specialists.
So, having been instructed to assess all personnel company.The goal - to evaluate the performance of each employee on the key indicators.Most often it is: - performance of production targets - taking the initiative; - the
quality of work.
for each worker must prepare an evaluation sheet.Estimates are put in his immediate supervisor of the structural unit (shop superintendent, foreman, head of the department) at the end of a certain period (quarter, year).The assessment may be 3 - higher than expected; 2 - as expected; 1 - below ozhidaemogo.V row total is calculated the total average rating.
Every employee should be familiar with their scorecards.After that it should be handed over to the Department of Personnel Management, where he was to be kept until the end of the next reporting period.
Results of evaluating the performance of staff be taken into account when the head: • preparation of personnel reserve;• vacant positions; • the allocation of the bonus pool;• direction of workers on training courses, and so forth.
deeper appreciation personnel happening in evaluating rabotnikov.Ona usually applies only to specialists and managers of the enterprise and is held once in three years.The decision to hold an ordinary or extraordinary appraisal made by the head, acting on a unity of command.This decision affirms the order.Based on the "Regulation on Assessment" is created, one or more (depending on the size of the company) certification commission a schedule of certification, are carried out other necessary activities.