you need
  • earplugs,
  • passive soundproof headphones,
  • headphones for music
local ways.The use of special polyurethane inserts - earplugs.For creative professionals who need to synthesize something new is not in the home atmosphere and in a noisy office, ear plugs become indispensable and inconspicuous as a helper in isolation from the constant background noise , and pulse.Earplugs help reduce the level of noise 20-30 dB.It is quite enough to work in a comfortable environment (perceived noise is about 40 dB).
Another alternative can serve as passive earplugs soundproof headphones.The level of noise
reduction is of the order of 18-20 dB in some models - 30 dB.Often, these headphones use building trades workers and arrows.You can use them in the office, if you do analytical work and there is no need to constantly communicate with customers and colleagues in the .In some cases, when you need complete silence, you can use the simultaneous combination of earplugs and passive soundproof headphones.
For music lovers who are engaged in intellectual work on the , not to be distracted by the noise, the headphones are suitable for music.It is an active method of isolation from noise .If aperiodic sounds of different frequencies and intensities, which create noise distracting and interfere with concentration of consciousness, musical harmony are a pleasant backdrop and help to focus on the subject of work, and increase mental alertness.
most exotic by individual isolation from the noise on work can be considered self-persuasion.Try to adjust yourself that the noise does not stop, but rather helps to focus and strengthen the intellectual capacity of the brain to implement the work.Of course, the first time that this belief does not work, but the constant repetition of the method must succeed, and the day-to-day noise at work simply cease to exist for you and get on your nerves.The man - a wonderful creature can with due diligence to convince himself of anything.
Global methods.Corporate policies of some companies include measures to reduce the noise indoors.These include: the use of low-noise office, split systems, computer accessories (keyboards, mice, coolers), headphone headsets with noise reduction for operators.Although office partitions for operating rooms have low sound absorption capability, nevertheless jointly reduce the level of noise and help focus the employee in such a space fenced off.