explore the market in the area of ​​residence, consider what forged products can be claimed.The big city is in demand exclusive furniture with forged elements, cottage settlements in demand for landscape items, net.Perhaps there is a need to shoe horses.Based on the information collected, determine the scope and specifics of his forge.
Walk learning blacksmithing.Even if you do not want to work as a blacksmith, and intend to use hired labor, you need a thorough knowledge of the issue.
Register or PE LLC, open a bank account.
will choose a room for the forge.Its area depends on what kind of work you plan to do.But, in any case, the workplace must conform to all norms of technical and fire safety.
selected decorate the room with the necessary equipment.The main equipment of a blacksmith - Horn, a special oven f
or heating metals.It is chosen according to the volume and complexity of the work that you are planning to perform.Remember that when working with a mountain you need to be very careful because of his constantly flying sparks and embers popping.So smithy should not be flammable materials.In addition, equip the storage of coal or coke, which you will nakalivat oven.Approximate price of the hearth 30 000 thousand rubles.
Get anvil.For demanding applications need powerful anvil weighing not less than 200 kg.For small artistic tasks using special shperaki.The cost of a full-fledged tool of about 50,000 rubles, and is located within shperak 10,000 rubles.
From tools and buy a sledge hammer and a vise.Until now considered as the best ones that Soviet production.Do not forget to buy a set of small tools, such as blacksmith tongs with a long handle.Forge is ready for operation.You bought a necessary and can now do.Orders can be found on the Internet, putting ads on free classified ads website.