Tip 1: Where is the source of the river Oka

Oka - the sixth largest river in Europe and one of the largest in Russia, is the most powerful tributary of the Volga.At her feet - almost the entire central part of Russia.

Getting started

Home Oka River takes in the Orel region - in the village of Aleksandrovka Glazunovsky District.This place is a monument of landscape design of regional significance.

first mention of the Oka are the 12th century and are found in the annals of the pen Nestor the Chronicler.The very name of the river, according to the researchers, goes back to the aqua - water.The length of the Oka River - 1,498 km, 176 of which the river flows through the Moscow region.Eye - the largest river near Moscow.

Earlier this river to the famous bread the way the Old Russian state.In the days of ancient Russia Oka Rivers was among the inhabitants of the state of the utmost importance.According to historical records, the Oka Russian Prince Svyatoslav went to smash the Khazar Khanate capital city of Itil.

Over time, the river Oka formed
many large and medium-sized Russian cities, because the river crosses several areas: Orel, Tula, Belgorod, Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod.In Nizhny Novgorod Oka flows into the Volga River Russia's largest, as its right tributary.

At the source

official status of the source Oka administration of the Oryol region is only awarded in March 1996.However, the upgrading of the area adjacent to the source, started earlier, in 1982.In 1998, the patriarch of Orel and Livny consecrated water source, wishing that the water has always brought healing properties.

Currently, the area at the source of the Oka friendly environment for the needs of those who come here.This beautiful place begins fake door, opening the way to the source of the Oka.As soon as visitors enter the "wonderful" Castle, town fairy-tale characters: wooden idols, whimsical birds.It is known there by Russian folklore hut "on chicken legs".Water from a small source, surrounded by boulders, flows into a small pond.According to those who have personally been at the source of the Oka, it is icy.Not far from the source of the Oka is a small wooden chapel.

tributary of the Oka

Oka in its flow round the whole Upland.River merges with the following small rivers that are its tributaries: Orel - with Orlik, Tula - with Upoy around Kaluga - with Ugroy in Kolomna - the Moskva River.

often happens on the Oka River flood, which is always rough, because the river built two dams - in the Ryazan and Moscow regions.

Tip 2: The origins of the Oka River

Oka - river flowing in Russia and has a length of 1498.6 kilometers, the basin area of ​​245 thousand square kilometers.Water flow through the Oka Orel, Tula, Kaluga, Moscow, Ryazan, Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod region.
The origins of the Oka River

Where does the name of the river

On this score there are a number of opinions and hypotheses.The most probable of them - Finno-Ugric origin of the name of the Oka.River could call it data ethnonym tribes Meshchery, Murom, Mordovians or others.

historian M. Fasmer believes that the name of the river owes its origin to the German language, as in the ancient language of the German people the word «aha» translated as "water".And in Westphalia (the territory of modern Switzerland) there is a river called Aa.

Another scientist - ONTrubachov - believes that the name of the river has a Baltic origin, since this hypothesis best explains the accent on the last syllable in the name.As evidence of this to historians cite evidence that even before Slavic tribes lived on the banks of the Balts, or as they were called then, tribes golyadi.

Which of these hypotheses is true history has yet to understand, but whence originated the Eye?

Source and further course of the river

«Rodina» Oka - Orel region, and more specifically a spring in the village of Aleksandrovka Glazunovsky District region.The creek also flows through the Upland, and then forms a deeply embedded and very narrow river valley with a strong bias.

Thus even a small river flows into the city proper Eagle, which merges with another river - Orlik and have them mixed water rushing towards the Tula region.

in the following regions merges with Oka and Ula flows toward Kaluga, where, in turn, is connected to Ugroy, makes a very sharp turn to the east side and flows through the town of Aleksin and Tarusa.Then again, the Eye turns to the north, and in the suburbs Protvino again turns to the east.

already in the Moscow region, where the Oka flows through Tula, near the town of Kolomna Oka merges with the Moscow River and heads south.In the Ryazan region, flowing in a very hilly, river connects with the local Pron and then turns toward the north, where already close to Kasimov merges with Moksha.

In the future, with a very noticeable bends, through Oka Yermishinsky District Ryazan region flows between Vladimir and Nizhny Novgorod regions near Moore, and Paul's Dzerzhinsky.At the end of a long journey of almost one and a half thousand kilometers Oka forms armhole 2.5 kilometers and flows in the Nizhny Novgorod region in the largest and longest Russian river - the Volga.