you need
  • textbook on inorganic chemistry, paper, pen, pencil.
Read a tutorial on what constitutes oxides.Understanding the basics of education themselves acidic oxides necessary for an understanding of certain properties.As is known, acid oxides have this name due to the fact that when in contact with water they form a certain acid depending on whether the oxide is used.At the same time with the very acid acid oxides do not react.Therefore acidic oxides are typically formed non-metals, e.g., sulfur, chlorine or phosphorous.
Note that the acidic oxides can react with basic oxides and alkalis.The result is a salt of a certain acid of this oxide.This chemical reaction is characterized by a large part of the acidic properties of oxides.
Note that acid oxides also react with amphoteric bas
es and other oxides.The output of such a reaction is obtained salt.
Of course, the main feature of acid oxides is their reaction with water.As a result of such reaction produces the corresponding acids.In this way, for example, to form sulfuric acid.
Note also the physical properties of the acid oxides.One of the most popular is acidic oxides, for example, carbon dioxide.It is known that the substance has the form of a colorless gas, which has no odor.Discloses the use of carbon dioxide to produce a dry ice which is carbon dioxide in the solid state.It is also known that with increasing pressure the carbon dioxide becomes liquid.Indicative is also the reaction of carbon dioxide with water.As a result of this reaction, a carbonic acid, which is a weak acid and used in carbonated beverages for the formation of gas bubbles.
Think of what makes detergents.In fact, the tool is the result of the reaction of carbon dioxide with an acidic sodium hydroxide solution.It is known that the substance is an excellent cleanser, so it is called the washing soda.
draw conclusions about the chemical and physical properties of acid oxides, draw a table with the main characteristics: the reaction with the base, the reaction with water, the reaction with acids.For each of the properties of the reaction equation to write the most characteristic substances.