traditional electricity: opinion "for" and "againstĀ»

Many experts and still the cheapest and best source of energy believe electricity generated at nuclear power plants.Peaceful atom may produce electricity, which is about four times less produced in small hydroelectric power plants.

Nuclear power does not pollute the air with harmful substances.Lack emissions saves the cost of wastewater treatment plants.Total of 1 kg of material replaces the use of isotopic 3-3.5 thous. Tons of coal.To run smoothly for several years, a medium-sized nuclear power plants require no more than 30 kg of fuel.In addition, the feedstock obtained in the laboratory.Therefore, it is not necessary to develop a bulky prey resources and there is no reference to territorial waters.This is the opinion of supporters of nuclear energy. nuclear power plant can produce electricity always, in any geographical location.

Their opponents give quite different figures, calling colossal waste disposal costs and the elimination of the consequences of different scale accidents.They also indicate a high initial cost of installation of such objects.However, nuclear power today - the most affordable source of energy needed to maintain the growing technical capacity in Europe.

Myth and Reality: cheap alternative energy sources

In modern society, often there are calls for a transition to renewable natural sources of energy.Some people believe the low cost of wind energy: easy operation, fast payback installation, low depreciation, inexhaustible resource.A significant disadvantage of the wind turbines is a strong dependence on the movement of air masses and the impermanence of power output.Due to the instability of work of such plants can not be considered as producers of cheap energy.

tipped a great future, scientists use solar energy.At the moment, it is the energy of the sun is the most affordable and stable of all the alternatives. Scientists are working towards the accumulation of solar capacity to eliminate the dependence on weather conditions. In Japan, there was the first power plant using solar radiation.Perhaps the world is on the verge of opening a new environmentally friendly and cheap source of energy.