The word "current" means for the directional movement or anything.What moves in the wire from power?
In the atoms of bodies are electrons, which have a negative charge, which causes the movement of a variety of physical and chemical phenomena.However, the charge may have larger particles and substances - ions.And all of these charged particles can move in the conductors.Ordered, directed their movement is called electric current.
For an electric current in a conductor it is necessary to create an electric field.Under the influence of the field charged particles can move freely, are set in motion in the direction of the impact of electric power.Since an electric current.
For the continued existence of an electric current in a conductor must be constantly mai
ntained in its electric field.To create and maintain a field of electrical current sources are used.
Inside the power supply work is performed on the separation of opposite charges - positive and negative.They accumulate in the different poles of power.Terminals or clamps to the poles is connected wires: one to the positive pole, the other - to the negative.And when a contact (connection conductors between a) the free charged particles begin to move in a certain direction.