chemical composition

The structure includes a plurality of air, which largely determine the vital functions of the human body, making it better or worse.Carbon monoxide generated by the engines of cars, tobacco smoking has a negative effect on human health.The increased amount of this gas in the air can cause nausea, headache, drowsiness.The composition of the air and visible part of our element - the dust, which is a particle of mineral and organic origin.The major component of the air is oxygen.It provides a sufficient amount of human normal breathing and lung function and circulatory system.Most of the nitrogen contained in the air.This gas serves as a diluent, other gases.As a result of respiration produces carbon dioxide, which is part of the air along with industrial emissio
ns.It is used for artificial respiration, and moreover, the carbon dioxide level indicates the level of air pollution.In addition to these gases in the atmosphere also includes sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide (formed by incomplete combustion of organic substances).These gases form the basis of the air mixture, but their percentage may vary, for example, in cities with a high content of carbon dioxide.On average, the gas air ratio is as follows: 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, about 0.035% carbon, about 1% carbon monoxide, ozone, inert gas.Finally, in addition to the composition of gases in the air is always included a minor amount of water vapor.


in air enters a plurality of mechanical impurities from the combustion of organic and inorganic substances, industrial wastes in the form of smoke, soot, carbon black, fine particles of soil.If in a certain area is dominated by sandy soil, it significantly increases the dust content of the soil.Asphalt road, on the contrary, reduce the level of dust, but the process of building itself leads to significant air pollution soot.

air jacket may contain and various microorganisms, including microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, viruses, yeast cells.It is therefore possible contamination cold in poorly ventilated areas and gathering places where the concentration of microorganisms is significantly higher than normal.In such circumstances, not only sneezer people, but simply saying sprays tiny droplets that are distributed with the air at a distance of 10 meters.