When using the alternator to increase the voltage is sufficient to use a transformer.Select the correct him, he should be calculated on the same frequency as the generator, and have a suitable transformation ratio.The output voltage of the generator must be such that it does not exceed the number of turns for the transformer on the voltage.
Divide the number of primary turns on the generator voltage - the result should be greater than the number of turns per volt of the documentation for the transformer.The voltage on the secondary winding will be equal to the generator output voltage multiplied by the transformer ratio.This can then be subjected to rectification and filtering.The DC voltage output of the filter will be more stress on the secondary side of 1.41 times
.Parameters of rectifier diodes and filter capacitors must conform to the output voltage and current.
If the generator produces direct current, first check to see whether it is actually an AC generator with integrated rectifier.It can remove and connect the transformer and then positioned after the other rectifier (if necessary - with filter).
three-phase generator will have to connect three transformer and then a three-phase rectifier.Some generators are equipped with collector rectifier.Then add to it the device for increasing the DC voltage.With significant capacity use mechanical converter - umformer (motor-generator).After it is necessary to install a filter.
At low power umformer manifestly excessive.Use a device called a voltage converter.It consists of a device for converting a DC voltage from a pulsed or alternating, and the transformer and, if necessary, and producing a DC voltage at the output - as a rectifier and filter.
Vibrating transducers have fallen into disuse because of the mechanism should be replaced every few hundred hours.They were replaced by semiconductor.They come SE de- and two-stroke.The first of these is expedient to use at low power, the second - in the middle.Some converters are used instead of the transformers chokes, and the voltage is increased by the self-inductance.Such devices are always single-ended.
If the load has a negative dynamic resistance, the current through it artificially restrict or active (only at AC) reactive ballast.