you need
  • rangefinder, a stopwatch, an accelerometer.
speed of uniform motion, and the average distance skorostIzmerte using EDM, which took the body, and the time during which it overcame him with a stopwatch.Then divide the distance traveled by the body at the time of its passage, the result will be the speed of uniform motion (v = S / t).If the body is moving unevenly, make the same measurements and apply the same formula - then get the average velocity of the body.This means that if the body on this segment the way to move with the speed obtained, it would be in the way
of time equal to the measured.If the body moves in a circle, measure its radius and the time of the full turn, then multiply the radius by 6.28 and divide by the time (v = 6,28 • R / t).In all cases, the result will be in meters per second.To convert to kilometers per hour multiply it by 3.6.
dvizheniyaIzmerte uniformly accelerated rate of acceleration of the body using the accelerometer or dynamometer, if we know the mass of the body.Stopwatch, measure the movement of the body and its initial velocity, when the body starts to move from standstill.If a body moves from rest, it is zero.After that, find out the speed of the body, adding to the initial speed of the product to accelerate the time (v = v0 + at).
speed of a freely falling Telasi using the rangefinder to measure the height from which a body falls in meters.To know the speed at which it will reach the earth's surface (without air resistance), multiply the height by two, and the number of 9.81 (the acceleration of gravity).From the result of taking the square root.To find the speed of the body at any height, use the same technique, only the initial height, deprive current and the resulting value is substituted instead of height.