Development Butterfly comes with a complete metamorphosis and includes the following stages: egg - larva - pupa - adult butterfly.At each stage, change the size, shape, color and insect diet.So, if the adult butterflies on her head there sucking mouthparts - proboscis with which they extract the nectar from the flowers of plants, caterpillars gnawing mouthparts and feed on they are mostly leaves.
In the larval stage of the insect is an active growth and accumulation of nutrients.Caterpillar absorbs a huge amount of food in a short time.Hatched from the egg, it eats its shell, and then immediately taken for a plant on which it sits.
Butterflies usually lay their eggs on a certain kind of
plant that fits fastidious offspring.If the caterpillar had no luck, and she found herself right in the right place, she would rather starve, rejecting unsuitable food is not mastered.
larvae consume a lot of food, and are growing rapidly.During the growth of the caterpillar sheds its skin several times.This is due to the fact that after a "hearty lunch" insect abdomen increases, and the skin is inelastic, so the larva becomes crowded in the old vestments.She shed: in a secluded place is attached to the abdomen plant silk thread, leather front crack, and the caterpillar crawls out of her larger outfit.After drying of the skin it is updated again mistaken for food.
The growth of the caterpillar takes two to three weeks.During this time, she can put on weight several thousand times.However, woodworm larvae fragrant, for example, the feeding of solid wood, to digest that takes a long time, developed over three years, or even longer.
Most of caterpillars shed in his life 4-5 times.At the end of last molt caterpillar begins to turn into a chrysalis.It highlights the silk thread, attaches it to the plant and back paws caught, hangs in the air.Theclinae zoster thread along the body and fixed on the plant.
At pupal metamorphosis in butterflies: the larva is gradually turning into an adult who will take care not food and reproduction.It is the most vulnerable stage in the life cycle of the insect, because in case of danger, he will not be able to escape.Therefore, caterpillars looking for a safe place to pupate and cling to the plants on which they are similar.Dolly future butterflies sometimes nearly impossible to distinguish from the leaf or twig.
In the final stages of metamorphosis pupa shell bursts, and it comes from a butterfly.Wings of its first small, rolled and elastic.Finding the right place, the butterfly is hooked to a branch or an empty shell of the chrysalis, and flutters its wings spreading freely inside them.Then they dry off in the sun and acquire hardness, strength and lightness.