There are a variety of alternative energy sources, which can significantly save electricity and reduce its consumption.Alternative energy sources are called equipment designed to capture and use of inexhaustible energy of the environment.

One of the most important alternative energy sources is considered to be the energy of the sun.Solar energy is a specific direction of energy based on the use of solar radiation for energy.Solar power plants produce energy without emissions of harmful waste.

As for wind power, it specializes in the transformation of air flow energy into another form of energy.Particularly active wind energy is used in the national economy.The conversion of wind energy carried out by such units as wind turbines, windmills and other.Wind energy can be attributed to renewable energy sources.Cu
rrently, the energy sector is developing very dynamically.Modern wind turbines are usually made of fiberglass and carbon fiber.Capacity of existing wind turbines is extremely high.

also electrical energy can be produced by the energy contained in the bowels of the earth.Actually it based on this and geothermal energy.Access to groundwater is only possible by drilling wells.Very popular are also considered high-temperature rock.Energy from such species are usually obtained by injection and withdrawal of these hot water.By the way the use of geothermal as an energy source is considered to be particularly promising.Commercial use of geothermal sources is common in many countries.

most important source of alternative energy can be considered biofuels.This fuel is obtained from animal or vegetable raw material and industrial wastes.There is a solid, gaseous and liquid biofuels.The liquid commonly used for internal combustion engines.Solid biofuels can be considered as wood, straw, briquettes.A gaseous biofuel - a biogas and hydrogen.Currently, biofuel technology continues to improve.The market of biofuels can be considered virtually unlimited.