In Namibia there is a plant called Welwitschia.It looks lives and it is very unusual.The period of her life - from 1.5 to 400 thousand years old, and all this time on the ground, this plant is only two huge leaves that grow throughout life.Sometimes, leaf length up to 8 meters.The main source of water for this strange plants is fog, it grows only where there are fogs.Up to 5 years Welwitschia can exist without rain by only atmospheric moisture.Locals plant shoots baked in the fire and eat.
climate in northern latitudes does not allow nature to experiment with plants, and therefore the inhabitants of the tropics sometimes affect its size.On the coast of the Mediterranean, for example, is often found Drakunkulyus - its flower is up to half in diameter.The bulb, from which the spring leaves pedu
ncle growing up to a meter in height, also very large.On the stem are a pair of carved leaves, shaped like antlers.Then there is a huge bud, growing day by day, but when you open it may disappoint connoisseurs.Drakunkulyus pollinating carrion beetles and it attracts them the smell of rotten meat.So often the plant is not planted in front of the windows and in the recreation area, and distance - so you can enjoy its splendor, without suffering from fragrance.This flower grows in Crete, Greece, Turkey and the Balkans.At home not popular and is considered a weed.Plant heat-loving, loves sunny places, but temperatures down to -5 can suffer no harm.
Eucalyptus mostly native to Australia, as food for the koalas.But in addition to all the well-known eucalyptus on the Philippine island of Mindanao grew rainbow eucalyptus, which is then brought to South Florida.The cool climate inhabitant of the tropics is not too good came, and up to 70 meters as in their home country, it does not grow, but its bark is still painted in all colors of the rainbow.The bark and leaves of the tree updates throughout the year, and the young bark is bright green.Aging and darkening, it takes the shades of purple, blue, maroon, orange.Alternating on the trunk, the layers of multi-colored bark resemble the artist's palette.His photos are often mistaken for the creation of artists.Plants were grown for decorative purposes, although useful qualities of the tree lot.Pests do not hurt the trees, and they almost did not get sick, and eucalyptus wood has a uniform color is quite normal, despite the colorful wrapper.