A few years after World War II research lab called Bell Laboratories has offered to begin the development of a mobile phone.This idea was well received, but for the creation of the mobile phone in those days there was not enough knowledge and technology development.Only ten years later, in 1957, it created the first experimental model of a mobile phone - the phone, weighing three kilograms with the base station, designed by Soviet scientists Kupriyanovich.
first prototype of the modern cell phone has appeared only in 1973.Its inventor - employees of Motorola, which at the time was producing radio.Development of new products began in the mid-50s under the leadership of the young spec
ialist Martin Cooper, who became head of the department for the creation of new communications devices.
first Cooper engaged in the development of police radios, and in 1967 successfully sold two small radios and works fine, then decided to focus on creating the same small handsets.Employees of the company at first did not accept this idea and did not keep Cooper, as no one believed that the telephone can be made of such dimensions that it fits in your pocket, and such weight to be able to wear it with.In addition, no idea how to work a phone without wires.
But perseverance and talent of Cooper led to the fact that in 1973 was made the first mobile phone call.On the roof of one of New York's skyscrapers station was installed, and Martin Cooper called on the phone company's chief competitor ATT, which owns the leadership in the development of cellular technology.But that Cooper was the first to apply the technology in practice.
first mobile phone Cooper had no screen, no extra features.He had two buttons - call and termination of the call, he was working up to eight hours of standby time and about an hour during a call, and being charged as much as ten hours.In subsequent years, it was created five more phones, and then began the development and improvement of mobile phones.