history and features spectral analysis

first tried to make a spectral analysis Kirchhoff and Bunsen even in 1859.Two physicists have created a spectroscope, like a tube of irregular shape.On the one hand there was a hole (collimator), which gets investigated rays of light.Inside the tube was placed a prism, it is deflected rays and direct them toward the other opening of the tube.At the exit of physics could see the light, spread out on the range.

scientists decided to conduct an experiment.Darken the room and the hanging window blackout curtains, they lit candles near the slit collimator, and then take pieces of different substances and injected them into the candle flame, watching Will the spectrum.And it turned out that the hottest pair of each substance given different spect
ra!Since the prism is strictly separated rays and did not allow them to be layered on top of each other, then it was possible to obtain the spectrum accurately identify the substance.

Later Kirchhoff analyzed the spectrum of the sun, discovering that his chromosphere there are certain chemical elements.This gave rise to astrophysics.

features spectral analysis

for spectral analysis requires very small amount of the substance.This method is highly sensitive and very fast, which allows not only to use it for a variety of needs, but also makes it sometimes simply irreplaceable.It is known that each chemical element in the periodic table radiates a special spectrum peculiar to him alone, so the correct spectral analysis is almost impossible to make a mistake.

types of spectral analysis

Spectral analysis is atomic and molecular.Through atomic analysis can reveal, respectively, the atomic structure of matter, and by means of molecular - molecular.

way to measure the spectrum, there are two: emission and absorption.Emission spectral analysis is carried out through the study of a range of selected emit atoms or molecules.To do this, they need to give energy, ie, to initiate them.Absorption analysis, on the contrary, carried out by the absorption spectrum of the electromagnetic study aimed at objects.

By spectral analysis can be measured by a variety of different characteristics of the substances, particles or more physical objects (eg, space objects).That is why the spectral analysis is further divided into various methods.To get the desired result for a specific task, it is necessary to choose the right equipment, the wavelength range for the study, as well as the very region of the spectrum.