Do not fall for offers of measure the mass of a body on the street using a special machine.Accuracy will be low at least for the reason that you have to get up on a platform machine clothing.And buy a home scale once more profitable than pay for each measurement.
If household scales you do not, buy them.Regardless of the type, they must have an upper limit of measurement of 120 kg.Electronic scales of precision mechanical, but more expensive and require a periodic change of power supplies.You can purchase and written off from the clinic medical rocker scales.They are bigger, but will serve as an original interior decoration.
not place the meter in the bathroom, if the instruction is not explicitly stated that it is designed to.
Always weigh yourself without heavy
clothing and shoes.Any scales mandatory install on the hard floor, not on the carpet.
to weigh on electronic scales, just turn on them if they do not have the automatic switching, and then stand on the platform.Wait until the readings do not stop me, then get off the platform.Turn off the balance if they do not have the automatic shutdown.In the presence of the device button zeroing before measurement, click on it in the absence of load on the platform.
have mechanical household weights before getting up on a platform, set the rotary dial to zero regulator.Next, stand on the platform and wait for calm drive, and then get off with her.
weighing rocker medical scales is as follows.Unlock mobile system using arrettira install two weights on zero division and make sure that the rocker arm is in a strictly horizontal position, then lock arrettir.Stand on the platform and ask the assistant to unlock and move arrettir first big, then small weights on the scale in such a position in which the rocker arm will be in a strictly horizontal position (in the scale has a special index to help you to determine whether this is so).To carry out the measurement without an assistant undesirable because during the measurement can not move.Lock arrettir, get off the platform and read the testimony of coarse and fine scales.