As a child, many wondered about the cause of the green grass.However, not every parent is able to give the correct answer.Even those who had five in biology, do not always have all the information.

The simplest answer is that grasses found in the cells of a special substance - chlorophyll, which is green.If you shake a little wobble can not even remember what the process of photosynthesis experiments with potatoes and iodine, and so on.

what scientists say

But the really inquisitive minds can hardly calm down so that just the green chlorophyll.Inevitably, the next logical question arises about how and why things as they are.Why green color was chosen for grass, or the nature of the contained chlorophyll. Chlorophyll is considered one of the good herbal ingredients of many drugs.Researc
h is not yet proven.

However, inquiring minds, scientists have found the answer to this question.As is known, the process of photosynthesis, plants, like grass including absorb sunlight.And this, as people know, a little bit familiar with the school physics course - electromagnetic radiation, is decomposed into individual colors being passed through a special prism.That is, "Every hunter wants to know where sits Pheasant".Mnemonic device storing red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple colors of the spectrum.

Chlorophyll distinctive composition, absorbing the news virtually the spectrum.Also ... green.The only color that plants (in normal, not wilted state) and reflect what people see with their own eyes.It turns out a kind of electromagnetic optical effect, due to which people have long believed that the grass is green.

Yellow grass

In autumn under the influence of cold and seasonal storage, the chlorophyll in plants destroyed.As a result, there is an effect yellowing or reddening of leaves and grass.

This is due to the fact that a sunny day is reduced, the plant can no longer get enough of the electromagnetic light for normal life.

is a kind of preservation plant until the following spring that protects it from the ravages of frost and other climatic factors.

Interesting facts about flowers

Despite the fact that green - the color of the grass, in the world there are many other colors and tones.Not so long ago, scientists found that the most beloved flowers in the world - is the blue. established that congenitally blind people are able to see colorful dreams.The nature of this is unknown.

Red men and women perceive differently.So, for the stronger sex it is quite a difficult task is to distinguish purple, magenta and coral.For women, it is much easier.

colors can be associated with the music.When they are sad gray and black, and for fun - yellow and orange.