you need
  • - the formula for determining the geometric bodies;
  • - measuring vessel capacity or the correct form;
  • - known mass of the gas.
If the container has a regular geometric shape (parallelepiped, prism, pyramid, sphere, cylinder, cone, etc.), measure its internal linear dimensions and calculations.For example, if the barrel is cylindrical, measure its inner diameter d and visota h.Then calculate the amount of the formula to determine the volume of a cylinder.To do this, multiply the number of π≈3,14 the square of the diameter of the base and the height of the barrel, and the result is divided by the number 4 (V = π ∙ d² ∙ h / 4).For other geometric bodies also use the appr
opriate volume formula.
In the event that the volume is difficult to calculate, because of the shape capacity , fill the container with liquid (water) so that it is completely filled it.In this case, the amount of water is equal to the volume of the measured capacitance .Then gently pour the water in a separate vessel.This can be a special measuring cylinder with graduations, or container geometrically correct shape.If the water is poured into the measuring cylinder or other vessel on its scale, determine the volume of liquid.It will be equal to the desired value for the measured capacitance .If water is poured into the tank of regular shape, calculate its volume according to the procedure described in the preceding paragraph.
Sometimes container is too large to be able to use the liquid.In this case, upload it to a known weight of gas (this is possible only if it can hermetically close) with a known molecular weight, e.g., nitrogen, M = 0,028 kg / mol.After that, the pressure gauge and measure the temperature with a thermometer inside the tank .Pressure expressed in Pascals, and the temperature in Kelvin.Determine the volume of injected gas.To do this, multiply the mass m of gas at its temperature T and the gas constant R. The result divide by the molar mass M and the pressure P (V = (m ∙ R ∙ T) / (M ∙ P). The results were obtained in m³.