you need
  • - metal tin;
  • - conifer resin;
  • - any heating device.
To understand why conifers do not change color, you need to consider the function of the sheet of trees and seasonal processes occurring with them.During the growing season - active phase of the life of the plant, it leaves have the function of supply.The sheet enters the moisture and salt from the root system in the sheet photosynthesis occurs and what is especially important, the sheet evaporates the excess water.
Sheet provides and gas exchange of the plant.The exhaust from the sheet bundles of vessels carry nutrients to the rest of the plant.The same sheet are waste products of plants, including salts thereof.Eventually the time comes to
remove them, and the plant drops leaves.
angiosperms (ie, deciduous), flowering plants in our latitudes shed their leaves in autumn.This phenomenon is called "leaf".For plants it is very convenient, since the fall of the movement of juice from the trees stopped and evaporating function of leaves should be discontinued.Thus, the dropping of the leaves - it is also a device that protects the plant from losing moisture.
Just before the fall of the leaves is a change of the color of foliage.This occurs because the leaves lose chlorophyll in living cells of the sheet and the cells die.But before leaving the tree leaves turn different shades of yellow and red flowers.
Painting of autumn leaves is caused by bacteria and fungi, in a lot of developing in a dead leaf tissue.The high content of salt, the remains of starch, cellulose, accumulated in the leaf during his life, making it an excellent breeding ground for microorganisms.
In conifers are quite different.Needles, in contrast to the leaves evaporates very little water.Pick up a needle pine or spruce: Needles these tough and slippery, they are covered with a layer of vegetable wax.Yes, and the resin of the plant - the substance viscous, slowly evaporate.Through such adaptations pine, for example, can grow in very dry areas.
's why conifers needles change slowly, gradually, and do not participate in the Falling Leaves.Microorganisms also are not prone to attack moribund needles.Do a simple experiment: heat a small quantity of resin in a metal pot.You will feel a strong smell of turpentine, and the banks will remain at the bottom of rosin.Both of these products for bacteria and fungi are unattractive.
But back to the larch.Lightly pat her hand needles.Larch needles soft, waxy layer on it is not.Larch needles similar to conventional foliage, and its capacity for evaporation of water is almost the same as those of deciduous trees.
's why larch needles in autumn resets.But it has a resin, and micro-organisms do not hit her needles.Hence the larch needles, losing chlorophyll, just yellow.