called thunderstorm rain clouds, which are electrically charged.In the center of raindrop positive charge on the surface - negative.Falling drops fall into strong air flow and fly to pieces, these pieces negative charge.The biggest and the hardest part is positive.These large drops accumulate in one part of the cloud, and giving it a positive charge.Small droplets are carried away on the ground.

between earth and cloud the attraction.The more electricity accumulates in the cloud, the faster it breaks through the air layer to the surface.Then, between the cloud and the surface happens strong discharge - lightning.Such discharges can occur between two oppositely charged clouds.Shortly before the formation of lightning from the clouds begin to flow el
ectrons, the air is heated to improve its conductivity.Electricity channel formed by moving down at a speed of up to 100 kilometers per second.

negative electricity from this channel is connected to the positive surface of the earth.The glow of the lightning is because the channel is strongly heated by electricity.Last digit of a second.Often the path of the first rank immediately sent to the next, because the lightning is seen as a man of irregular zigzag line.Linear Lightning - the most common type of lightning.

Rarely can a so-called ball lightning, which has a rounded shape.It may take up to several minutes, but usually - and 5 seconds.Most often it appears at the end of a thunderstorm in the form of a dazzling bright ball emits a whistling or hissing sound.With the disappearance of cotton may hear often is with the sharp smell of smoke.Ball lightning is attracted to the buildings, which penetrates through the windows and chimneys.It usually goes away in the same way you came.


Lightning is usually accompanied by a loud sound, which is called thunder.It arises from the fact that the air duct extends from the rapid heating.Expansion of the sound like an explosion.The explosion rocked the air with a characteristic sound.Upon the termination of the current channel electricity as quickly cools down and the air is compressed dramatically, which again causes the hot air, and a loud sound.

discharges go one by one, because it turns out the roar of the intensity and duration.The reflection of sound from the surrounding objects and creates an echo of the clouds, making the sound reverberating.The speed of sound is not as great as the speed of the electric discharge current.Because first person sees lightning, and after - hear thunder.