The remarkable Azov Sea

Those who at least once in their lives visited on the coast of the Azov Sea, forever remain in the memory of the most optimistic impressions of him.The coastline here is almost perfect, a large part of the coastal strip is a comfortable beaches.On the north coast is sandy and quite flat, the south is dominated by hills. In general, there are all conditions to comfortably spend a holiday with the children.

water exchange with the Black Sea is difficult, that is one reason for the low salinity of the Azov Sea.This sea water almost does not irritate the skin, so you can swim for a long time.Such water bath is better than any cosmetic help to cope with the many problems associated with the skin.This featur
e local waters is another factor that attracts tourists.

Azov Sea is quite rich in fish.Here there are about a hundred different kinds of not only marine but also freshwater fish.There are sea and a very valuable species, such as sturgeon and beluga.A variety of different plant and the underwater world.As the number of species of animals and plants Sea of ​​Azov is unmatched, surpassing even the Black and Mediterranean seas.Here you can catch fish from the shore or from a boat, using a variety of gear.

depth and topography of the bottom of the Sea of ​​Azov

hydrological features of the Azov Sea studied adequately.The depth is never more than fifteen meters.But even this value is characteristic of only the central part of the sea.On average, the water column is not more than six to eight meters.This makes the Sea of ​​Azov attractive for lovers of deep-sea diving.Low risk undersea walks combined with a good opportunity to learn the skills of diving. more or less serious depth begins approximately two kilometers from the coastal strip.

relief of the sea bed is no different variety.The depth gradually increases with distance from the shore.The bottom surface in some places marked seamounts, stretching along the western and eastern coasts.Here, the depth does not exceed three to five meters.In the northern part of the Sea of ​​Azov is shallow underwater slope, in the south it is much steeper.

there in the Azov Sea and the currents.They are almost completely dependent on the south-western and north-easterly winds and for this reason, from time to time change their direction.There has been quite stable for walking along the coast in a counterclockwise direction.