you need
  • textbook on physics, computer with Internet connection.
Note the definition of capacitance of the capacitor in a textbook on physics.As is known, the capacitance is the ratio of charge accumulation on one of its plates, to the voltage between the plates.Thus, to increase or decrease the capacitance of the capacitor is possible, by changing the amount of charge that it can hold at a given value of the voltage.
hearken to the principle of the condenser in order to understand how to change the number of charges on its plates.When voltage is applied to the capacitor plates inside an electric field, which holds a charge on the plates.Thus, to increase the amount of charge on the capacitor plates is necessary to strengthen the electric field inside it.For these purposes, generally use substances ca
lled polarizers.
polarizer is a dielectric material, the atoms or molecules which have polarization properties.Thus, the thickness of the polarizer in addition to the external electric field produced by the charge electrodes, there exists a proper electric field induced by the external.Own the electric field of the dielectric capacitor is formed by the same polar orientation of the particles of the dielectric material.Thus, the internal electric field is applied to an external electric field, increasing it and making it possible to accumulate a large number of charges.
Note that different polar substances are able to create a variety of internal electric field.Thus, moving from one to the other insulator is placed in a capacitor can dramatically change its capacity.
Note also that changing the number of charges on the plates by simply changing the geometric dimensions of the device, namely, changing the area of ​​the capacitor plates.If you look at the formula for the capacitance of the capacitor of plane, you will see that it is the ratio of the area of ​​its electrodes to the distance between them, multiplied by the dielectric constant of the substance.Thus, it is possible, by reducing the distance between the electrodes, enhance the electric field inside the capacitor, thereby increasing the capacitance of the capacitor.
Please note that the dependence of the capacitance on the distance between his sinkers sharper than the dependence of the capacitance on the area of ​​the plates.Therefore a more reasonable way to change the capacity by changing the distance between the plates.