Sulfuric acid - pretty heavy liquid, its density is 1.84 g / cc.It has the ability to draw water from the gases and crystalline materials.When dissolved in water, sulfuric acid, a huge amount of heat is released, whereby splashes acid.After contact with the human skin even in small quantities causes severe burns.To avoid this, you need to add acid to water, not vice versa.

sulfuric acid

method by which the sulfuric acid is produced on an industrial scale, called a contact.First, in a special furnace bakes wet pyrite (ferrous iron sulfide).As a result of such reaction produces sulfur dioxide gas (sulfur dioxide), oxygen and water vapor as moist pyrite was used.The separated gases are passed into a drying compartment where dispose of the water vapor, as well as a special centrifuge to remove any possible particulate contaminants.F

of sulfur oxide (IV) by reaction of the sulfur dioxide oxidation was prepared.Wherein pentavalent vanadium oxide used as a catalyst.The reaction may proceed in both directions, it is reversible.To it flows only in one direction, are defined in the reactor temperature and pressure.The sulfur dioxide is dissolved in sulfuric acid, prepared in advance for oleum, which is then sent to the warehouse of finished products.

chemical properties of sulfuric acid

Sulfuric acid has the ability to accept electrons, it is a strong oxidant.The concentrated and dilute sulfuric acid have different chemical properties.

dilute sulfuric acid able to dissolve metals that are left of the hydrogen in the electrochemical series.Among them, zinc, magnesium, lithium, and others.Concentrated sulfuric acid can degrade some of the halogen acids (except hydrochloric as restore chlorine ion sulfuric acid is not capable).

The use of sulfuric acid

With its unique ability to pull water from the substances, sulfuric acid is often used for drying gases.With its help produce dyes, fertilizers (phosphorus and nitrogen), smoke-generating substances, various detergents.Often it is used as electrolyte for lead-acid batteries, as the sulfuric acid can not dissolve lead.