you need
  • time zone information, the data on the transition to daylight saving time
Specify in what time zone is your place of residence or another location.Time is considered to Greenwich through which the prime meridian.There are geographical and administrative time zones.The first - is the conditional band width on the ground exactly 15 °.Second - it is an area where the law establishes a certain standard time.
Find out whether a given territory summer and winter time.In this case, each spring is shifted one hour forward relative to the time zone, and in the fall - return back.The world is divided into three nearly equal categories: countries where there is a transition to daylight saving time where it was ca
nceled, and where it has never been.The first group includes the states of Europe, North America and several South.The second - Russia, India, China, North Africa, much of South America, and half of Australia.And among the latter mainly the countries of Central Africa.For countries in the second and third categories of the time difference with the states of the first varies depending on the season.
Count difference in time.For areas located to the east of Greenwich, in each zone added for an hour.So Moscow is now considered +4 Western European time.For zones that are west, time is deducted.For example, New York -5 hours besides UTC winter.As a result, the difference with Moscow is 9:00 when we night have the morning of the same day.
Use Internet services to accurately and quickly identify the difference time.Different sites offer not only information, where and how a few hours, but also helps to quickly calculate the time interval.