Big Bang Theory - sounds both romantic and scary, and trivial, and scientific.What is this very big bang?As it happened, and how to influence the emergence and formation of the universe, and what, after all, earned such popularity?

hero Jared Leto, Nemo, in the film "Mr. Nobody" reflects on the topic: "What was there before the Big Bang?The fact that there was no "before".Before the Big Bang there was no time.Birth of time - the result of expansion of the universe. "The human mind is rather difficult to imagine that time could not exist that could not exist anything, and constantly in my head spins question: "If only the void was?".But the fact is that the Big Bang theory was not even void.

Before Big Bang, the universe was in a state of
so-called singular, that is, had an infinite density and temperature.About 13.7 billion years ago there was the same explosion, after which the universe began to expand at an incredible rate.So fast, that of pure energy began to emerge the first subatomic particle that through thousands of years evolved into the first atoms - the smallest constituent particles of matter.

basic postulates of the Big Bang theory formulated by the Belgian Georges Lemaitre.Ironically, LemaƮtre was both a scholar and a priest.The basis of the theory of the Big Bang theory of relativity has laid down, that allowed to present the development of the universe from the first moment of time, but suggests how the universe evolved in the early stages, still remains elusive.

According to the theory, the universe and now continually expanding with great speed, but at one point will expand so much that turn into a huge black hole, and then the universe will return to a singular state.

With the Big Bang theory, scientists have identified an amazing paradox - the universe is considered to be infinite, and yet, it is finite.On the other hand, scientists have already proved that any infinite still finite.So, sooner or later the universe will disappear again.However, this will only happen if the average density exceeds the critical matter of the universe calculated in theory.Only here to calculate the average density itself can not be calculated.

Did the Big Bang really?If there was, how it occurred, and how our universe evolved?Will the end of it, or it will exist forever?And whether or not the universe is infinite?The theory gives a lot more questions than answers, however, in it is largely based modern science.However, there is nothing in the world more abstract than the exact sciences, which allow a person to develop and explore the world around him.