Scientists have determined that the volcanic activity is directly dependent on solar activity and is subject to eleven-year cycle.
to predict the eruption of the volcano, it is necessary to conduct constant monitoring of his condition.A manifestation of volcanic activity are the hot springs and fumaroles - volcanic gases.It was found that before the eruption of the water temperature in the hot springs and fumaroles rising.Composition can vary and volcanic gas and water - increasing the concentration of sulfur compounds.The soil is also heated - it is seen by the melting of glaciers and drying streams and wells.
to changes in soil temperature based method of infrared imaging satellite.By analyzing images ta
ken at different times, we can judge about the possibility of the eruption.
sign of coming disaster may serve as magnetic anomalies in the vicinity of the volcano - compasses deviate from the true value.Increases and the intensity of the magnetic field.This is due to the fact that molten magma coming closer to the ground surface.
Also, before the eruption of small earthquakes occur, the ground level rises.Sometimes the mountain rises to several tens of meters.Often you can hear the roar coming from the bowels of the volcano, and see an increasing amount of smoke.In Japan, even derived a formula, you need to accurately calculate the probability of an eruption of the volcano Asama.It depends on the number of earthquakes and volcanic smoke released from the past month.
help people and animals can be forecast.Cats, dogs, amphibians, reptiles is very weather-sensitive.Apparently, their being affected by fluctuations in the Earth's crust and the growing strength of the magnetic field.Shortly before the crash of their behavior becomes restless, and they try to leave the dangerous place.Perhaps some people also have these abilities, but not inclined to attach any importance to this.