basis for creating three-dimensional maps became an American research program "Sloan Digital Sky Survey."Data were collected for creating a map independently two groups of researchers.

spatial arrangement of fluorescent red galaxies has long been known.Astronomers have any information about approximately ten thousands of space objects.The most distant known galaxies were then at a distance of 600 light years from Earth.

Computer allowed to analyze the available data and to establish certain patterns.Thus was produced the first three-dimensional map of galaxies.In fact, it is a 3D- model of the universe.

On the creation of the largest to date, three-dimensional map of galaxies, scientists have worked for about ten years.It was the result of the project "Study and redshift survey of the sky at a wavelength of two microns."To obtain the data needed two powerful telescope installed in different hemispheres.Arizona became the observation point where the telescope Lawrence and observatory "Tololo Serra" in Chile.Furthermore, using equipment that operates in the infrared range.With it, astronomers were able to "see" in the plane of the Milky Way's cosmic objects outside the visible range.

Three-dimensional map of the galaxies space allows you to not only see distant cosmic objects, but also provides an opportunity to assess the significance for the development of astronomy have computer technology.This map is not 10 thousand galaxies, and 45. The most distant of them are at a distance of 380 million light years.

galaxy map gives an idea not only of their spatial location, but also about what is in the universe.The main part of it - dark matter.At different locations it has a different density.This density is higher, the large cluster of galaxies.