Question emergence of the human races, and their original amount and essence has not been studied until the end.The process of formation of races called the rasogenez.There are two main theories rasogeneza with under a scientific rationale.One theory defend politsentristy, and the second - monotsentristy.

theory politsentristov

Politsentristy of the opinion that the emergence of the human race depends on their ancestors at the genetic level.In the process of formation they are not dependent on each other and descended from different ancestors from different places in terms of geographical location.In other words, on different continents simultaneously evolved Homo sapiens.

Thus, in present-day Europe is gradually formed caucasian ethnicity, Asian - Mongoloid, Austra
lia - the controversial Australoid and Africa - Negroid.Some scientists do not recognize Australoid race as a single large, connecting it with the Negro in the Australian-Negroid.

Slack of this theory is that getting a clean race, from this point of view, is seen only in theory.In practice, there were border areas where different races interbred, creating a so-called small race.For example, the Ethiopian race is the result of a small compound of Representatives Negroid and Caucasoid races.Between Caucasian and Mongoloid are even two small races - South Siberian and Urals.

theory monotsentristov

Scientists call themselves monotsentristami, consider the emergence of the human races initially result of a common origin, and then the division by skin color and other external factors.Substantiates his theory, they are much more recent divergence of mankind on the race than its origin.

about theories politsentristov, monotsentristskaya has much more evidence of which is to secure the first major signs of Homo sapiens for many centuries before the discrepancy in the race.It may include evidence and refutation complete genetic isolation, as it is considered impossible to cross-breeding in the border areas, as well as conquerors from the conquered, utopian.There is a third proof, not least, it is common to all races of the downward trend in the total mass of the skeleton and akselerativnogo development.

Thanks to modern science, new evidence monocentrism theory, based on data from DNA studied in representatives of different races.However, disputes between supporters of both hypotheses are not subsiding until now.Scientists of each fraction present their scientific evidence of the emergence of the human races.