few years ago in the American press, it was reported that a group of scientists from the University of Copenhagen found that life in the Universe appeared about 13 billion years ago, almost immediately after the hypothetical Bigexplosion.Physicists have carefully studied distant galaxies, light from which carries information about this distant time.However, not all experts believe the findings of European researchers founded.
Before sensational discovery of the Copenhagen physicists thought that the simplest forms of life could have arisen in the space of the universe long ago - three or four billion years ago.But this time distance for
the modern man seems huge, even taking into account that the Earth was formed about 4.5 billion years ago.
In that distant epoch in the structure of the universe has appeared heavy chemical elements that were not present at the time of the birth of the universe.The basis for a future life, says the previous findings could become a thermonuclear reactions taking place in the depths of the first stars.For their launch it took several billion years.
But modern researchers is of interest not only to the possible existence of life age, but also the place where she was born.Modern researchers in this respect divided into two camps.Some scientists argue that life - a unique phenomenon in the universe.And she was born in the world whose conditions were optimal for the formation of the simplest protein systems evolved from the ancient chemical "soup".
There are those who believe that fundamental life forms are scattered throughout the vast universe.Traveling with cosmic bodies, microorganisms that can be called "protolife" reached and the planet Earth.In this corner of the solar system existed conditions that allow microbes to evolve into more complex life forms.These processes of evolution of living matter dragged on for billions of years.
Whatever it was, but the emergence of life on the scale of the universe, scientists believe is not accidental, but a natural process.Since its inception, the matter is constantly evolving from simple to complex forms.Atoms and molecules are slowly joined in substance, there were small and very large space objects.The logic of the matter, which is not yet fully amenable materialist explanation led to the complication of the substance and the appearance of the intricate designs of the "pervokirpichik" of life - amino acids.
immediate process of origin and formation of life in the universe still remains a mystery to scientists.It can now only speak of a more or less fair assumption that need scrutiny.Substantial assistance in this investigation could have a so-called cosmic microwave background radiation, which carries the original information on the evolution of matter, which lasted billions of years.