Using potassium dichromate

Potassium dichromate is often used as an indicator of the presence of certain chemicals in the solution.For example if mixtures are aldehydes, it will acquire an orange color.If you have ketones in the matter, it will turn green.

Potassium dichromate is also used in the production of detergents.As in other compounds based on chromium VI (sodium dichromate and chromium trioxide), the compound can be used to produce chromic acid.It is used for etching materials and cleaning utensils from contamination.Potassium dichromate is also used when creating cement.Potassium helps to improve the texture and density of the binder, and also to slow freezing the concentra
ted mixture.Other industries using this material for the skin of yellow color and screen printing.

Chrompick Potassium can be used to determine the concentration of ethanol in the matter.Oxidized potassium dichromate is used in the titration.After completion of the reaction compound, ethanol is oxidized and converted into acetic acid.And excess dichromate is removed from the mixture by means of sodium thiosulfate.

order to determine the amount of ethanol present in the medium, excess dichromate is subtracted from the initial amount of ethanol was detected.This property is the basis of modern alcohol test, which is used in law enforcement.If a person breathes out a pair of alcohol, the indicator changes color from green to red.The higher the concentration of alcohol in the breath of a person is, the more pronounced will be the color change.

Potassium dichromate is used to determine the purity of silver in the alloy.For this purpose, it is mixed with the metal.If the alloy does not contain impurities, the solution is a bright red color.In the case of green color of the solution will contain a precious metal only fifty percent of the alloy.

danger with potassium dichromate

According to labor standards potassium dichromate is a hazardous substance.It causes allergies and irritate the skin.Prolonged exposure can lead to skin burns or inflammation, blisters, itching and redness.Potassium dichromate Inhalation can irritate the lungs.Prolonged exposure to this substance leads to death.

Some people are allergic to potassium dichromate, and should avoid contact with him.The labels of products it may be listed under other names: potassium dichromate, dipotassium dichromate or chromium metal.