process of getting an electric current

Development of three-phase starts at power stations where a generator converts any type of energy into alternating current.After numerous changes in the distribution and transmission network received power is converted to a standard voltage supplied to homes and businesses.In Europe, such a standard voltage is 230 volts, and in North America - 120 volts.

to supply electricity consumers use step-down transformers.The output terminal of the transformer, usually connected to the power grid via three wires.They are attached to one ground returnable.This type of connection is called radial.


Three-phase current is not usually served in homes.However, when this happens, the main switchboard lowers the voltage to normal levels.Mos
t household appliances use a single-phase voltage because of the lower risk for humans.

phase power supply is the most common in industrial installations or where high power is required to operate heavy equipment, although there are exceptions.

rotating motors are the most frequent users of the three-phase current.Three-phase induction motor combines high efficiency, simple design and high starting torque.Industrial fans, blowers, pumps, compressors and many other types of equipment typically use this type of motor.Other systems that can use a three-phase power supply, include equipment for air conditioning, electric boilers and rectifier systems used to convert AC to DC.

While most of the devices operating on the three-phase current, rather cumbersome, there are examples of very small engines.These include computer coolers that are powered by this type of stress.Built-in fan inside the inverter converts the direct current into three-phase alternating.This is done to reduce noise, as the torque in the three-phase motor is very small.


insulation of wires used in the three-phase power supply system, usually a different color.For each color phase used.Although they may be different and be different labeling, most countries have their own designations.North America uses the traditional black, red, blue to distinguish three phases.White color is commonly referred to the neutral wire.In Europe, on the contrary, use brown, black and gray for different phases and for the neutral conductor blue.Even in conditions of strict labeling manufacturers sometimes used to refer to specific color, so it is necessary to study the instruction to the device in order to understand the colors refer to the wires.