static electricity

most often static electricity occurs when contact between the two materials (winding, unwinding, friction) and separated from each other.This phenomenon is easily found in everyday life (combing hair comb, wearing synthetic clothes, running his hand along the dusty TV screen).

If the person whose body is electrified, touches some metal object (or refrigerator, for example, heating pipes), the accumulated charge is discharged him and he will be struck by the current.But, despite the fact that the electrostatic discharge occurs at very high voltage, current, its release is very small, so people feel a slight bump, unable to cause him serious harm.

possible occurrence of the charge with a sharp drop in temperature (for example, putting something cold in the oven) and with fast cutting something (takes place in the factories while working on a paper cutter or cut machine tools).Provoke Strong static charges may also radiation and ultraviolet radiation.

Effect of static on the body

Effect of static electricity on the immune system and overall health has not been fully investigated.But the fact that the long-term presence in the field of static charge is harmful is not in doubt.Prolonged contact person with static can cause:

• functional disorders of the central nervous system (headache, spasms of blood vessels, increased blood pressure);
• excessive emotional excitability and irritability;
• disturbances of appetite and sleep;
• occurrence of various phobias.

order to avoid the negative impact of statics, you must, first of all, to ground all household equipment.Will domestic humidifiers and an abundance of indoor plants.Make sure to wet cleaning and airing the room.The source of the static in the apartment are often tulle, curtains, upholstery, carpets, so it is better to process antistatic agent.

With regard to personal hygiene, it is highly desirable not to wear clothes made of synthetic material, being in close proximity to the body and causing friction on the skin and hair of man, it can cause a periodic static charge.Shoes should be selected on the leather or rubber soles.Women are not encouraged to get involved in laying a hot, at least, to use natural essential oils, which is a unique natural antistatic.