Green Land

Despite the fact that the translation of the word "Greenland" means "green land" can not be said that the entire island was covered with greenery.Those who came here for the first time, it seemed more appropriate name would be "white land."There are several versions of why Greenland is named so.According to one legend, the Vikings first saw the island in summer when the green strip along the coast is still there.It happened in the tenth century, when the Arctic tribes in Greenland before, disappeared from the island.

location and natural conditions

area of ​​Greenland is 2,130,800 sq kmMost of the territory is covered by ice year-round.However, recently there has been the melting of glaciers in Gre
enland and this process occurs quickly enough.However, the ice sheet takes a still greater part of the island, getting to the center of a high sloping dome.The dome is divided into two parts - north and south.In the middle of passes trough.The highest point of the shield is 3 300 meters. It is situated in the northern part.In the south of the ice sheet is separated from the coast to the more than two hundred kilometers.

closest island to the mainland - North America.Greenland is washed by two currents, warm and cold.East Greenland current, even in relatively warm season brings out the Arctic Ocean ice floes, so navigation in this part of the island difficult.The southwestern part of the island is more accessible, because a number of passes warm West Greenland Current.Intricately indented coastline on the island are many narrow, deep fjords, sometimes reaching up to the ice sheet.The northern part of the island, which is called Peary Land, is also free from ice.

climate, plants, animals, people

climatic conditions in Greenland are quite diverse.Most mild climate - in the southwestern part of the island.The temperature in winter and summer is almost the same, about 9 ° C.In this part of the island it is sometimes summer when the temperature reaches 21 ° C.Precipitation is quite a lot.In the north, even in the summer months the thermometer rarely rises above 0 ° C.Flora of Greenland are not too diverse.On the banks found crooked (in the south and south-west).Here there are birch, alder and other deciduous trees and juniper.In the northern part of growing up mostly shrubs.Along the coast there are also meadows, mainly cereals.As the distance from the coast deciduous forests give way to tundra.

fauna is characteristic of the Greenland circumpolar countries.It is home to deer, musk ox, arctic fox, seals, lemmings and other inhabitants of northern latitudes.The population of Greenland is less than sixty thousand people.The largest city - Nuuk, home to fifteen thousand people.The population is engaged in extraction of minerals (graphite, marble, lead and uranium ore), hunting, fishing.The island belongs to Denmark.Residents speak two languages ​​- Danish and Greenlandic.