you need
  • - Textbooks;
  • - cribs.
Take the list or a list of questions that can get you on the exam or offset.
Stock up educational literature.This may be one or two publications, workshop on ecology lecture that you wrote at the dictation of the instructor.You can use the book with exam answers, but not always present in these materials will be sufficient to pass the discipline.
Tune in the fruitful work on the study of the subject.
Distribute materials on topics, check the answers in textbooks pencil.
Start with the easiest, you know that.They should simply read, repeating the nuances that you remember bad.
Proceed with complex issues.Read them and make a brief
summary of each topic.They will subsequently may be useful for the production of cribs.
When all the material to be learned, review the list of questions again.Mentally imagine the response plan for each of them.If a theme has caused you difficulty, repeat it.
to be more confident in their abilities at the time environment, you can make a small crib.To do this, you have prepared before the rewrite notes on little slips of paper on both sides so that you can keep one hand and turn the pages folded like an accordion tips.It is more convenient to use printed typographical cribs for that they need to type in a text editor and print it.
Just before the surrender of ecology do not overload yourself extra cramming.Suffice it to repeat the topics that you remember the worst.