chemical element «S» was known to mankind even in very ancient times, when the characteristic suffocating smell of sulfur made it a frequent ingredient of priestly and shamanistic rituals.Then we considered a product of sulfur and hellish underworld gods.Sulfur is mentioned Homer, she was part of the so-called "Greek fire" from which to flee from enemies, but the Chinese have used it as part of the composition of the powder.Medieval alchemists used this chemical element when looking for a philosopher's stone, and the first set of elemental sulfur Frenchman Lavoisier conducted a series of experiments in its incineration.
With Old Slavonic word "sulfur" is translated as "resin", "fat" and "combustible", but the etymology of the word has not yet been
definitively clarified, as it came to the Slavs from the Slavic dialect.Scientific Fasmer previously also suggested that the chemical name comes from the Latin language, from which it is translated as "wax" or "whey".
Sulfur is widely used in modern industry where, including from her, make vulcanized rubber, as well as agricultural fungicides and drugs (for example, colloidal sulfur).Part of the chemical elements in the serobitumnyh compositions used for seroasfalta and sulfur concrete.And require sulfur to produce sulfuric acid.
Sulfur is significantly different from most other chemical elements, including oxygen in their ability obrazovyvaniya stable and long chains of atomic cycles.The property itself is a crystalline sulfur is very fragile substance of bright yellow and has a brownish plastic sulfur, which is obtained by quenching the alloy of sulfur.This chemical element does not dissolve in water, but a few modifications it has this property, provided place them in organic solvents (carbon disulphide or turpentine).Upon melting sulfur increases significantly in volume, and after melting is a thin liquid having a temperature of over 160 degrees Celsius.After this chemical element "transformed" into a viscous mass fairly dark brown color, but the greatest viscosity threshold element - the temperature of 190 degrees Celsius at which the increase up to 300 degrees, it becomes mobile again.